Thursday, August 11, 2011

Assumption Church in Phuket, Thailand

During our recent family holiday in June, we managed to attend mass at the Assumption Church in Phuket, Thailand. The church is located in the city and was probably built quite some time ago.

An external view of the church
A front view of the church

Beautiful entrance 
Close up of the front
There have an English mass later but we attended the Thai mass at 9am. The music was very nice with Thai traditional style hymns. The church was full and there were a few foreigners as well as tourists.

Inside view before mass
During holy communion
Side view
Station of the cross

Grotto outside
After mass, the church gave free cold drinks. Really cold iced tea. It was heavenly due to the hot weather. It is a quaint and nice church.

Until the next time, cheers.

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